Your Website is the Front Door to your Business



Elegant –  Image Rich Designs
Responsive – Looks Great on all Screens
Logical – Clear and Intuitive Layout

Our Websites

Responsive Design

A site that adapts to display on all screen sizes is known as ‘responsive’.

We make sure that your rental home website will display clearly on all screen sizes.

Whether being viewed on a PC, Tablet or Mobile, you can be sure that your site will look great.

So many people now search the Internet on mobile devices, that it is vital that your site displays properly, and is easy to use.

Additionally, sites that are not responsive are rated as less important by Google, and consequently don’t do so well in search results.

At Villa 2 Web we have spent many years designing and building websites to promote our own holiday accommodation. We have discovered what works best and design our sites to have the following attributes:

Adapt to fit any screen
Logical Layout
Great Image Display

Availability Calendar
Contact Form
Dedicated Email Address

Whatsapp Link
On Page SEO

The text and images on your website are presented in the most logical order – this ensures a smooth flow of information and that the visitor experience is as fluid as possible.

The images you provide are displayed in an efficient and attractive manner. All images will enlarge and appear in a light-box on click.  An attractive image gallery is also included, so visitors can take an almost virtual tour of your property.  Throughout your site,  all images are optimised and the file sizes reduced, in order for your site to load as quickly as possible.

Integration of an optional availability calendar ensures that visitors can check available dates, prior to make an enquiry. This can be linked to your calendar on another website. For instance, if you have a calendar on AirBnB or VRBO, then we can  configure a calendar that will update automatically whenever you take a booking on the site your calendar is linked to.

A contact form allows clients to quickly and easily make an enquiry – this is automatically emailed to your email address. Of course you can also display your contact details so clients can call you directly. We can even add a Whatsapp link to your mobile pages to streamline the  contact process even further.

If you have decided to take our optional hosting package we can provide a dedicated email address @ your domain. This looks more trustworthy and professional than a Hotmail or Gmail address.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is necessary to make sure that your website is correctly indexed by the search engines and to help your page appear as far up the list as possible when a search is made. On page SEO involves making sure, amongst other things, that your pages are appropriately named, that your pages have a heading structure and that your images are correctly tagged. Basic on page SEO is included with sites built by Villa 2 Web.

If you are not a native English speaker but attracting clients from English speaking countries, we can edit your text to make sure that the language is correct.

All this at a surprisingly reasonable price!